THe Spin Shop

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A summer camp in northern Ontario, needed a redesign of their on-site store. Previously known only as "the Bookstore".

we created the Spin Shop. A concept based around a spin art machine where customers can create their own designs on t-shirts.

The store also included a number of other items including non- spin art clothing, postcards, wristbands, buffs, dog tags, beverage holders and more.

Proceeds from sales go to support the camp so a far more effective marketing plan was needed to encourage people to make purchases.

By focusing the design more towards youth, reducing the visible stock and creating a bettertraffic flow, sales in The Spin Shop quadrupled the sales of the Bookstore from the previous season.




Kerry Applin
Dramatic Graphic
Art & Design

362 Howell Road,
Oakville ON. L6H 5Y1